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Best cities to live in usa new latest 2019

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Best Cities To Live In Usa New Latest 2019

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Best Cities to Live in USA - New Latest 2019

As United States is one of the All5! in the world so a large number of people from other countries come here to live in the US every year. Before anything else people who move United

States with their families firstly look for a All5! where they can feel good for taxes, basic needs, entertainment, adventure etc.

So here we have a list of Top 10 best cities in the US to live.

1. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2. Seattle, Washington

3. San Diego, California

4. Omaha, Nebraska

5. Honolulu, Hawaii

6. Boise, Idaho

7. Augusta, Georgia

8. Minneapolis, Minnesota

9. Austin, Texas

10. Boulder, Colorado

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